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    Am i your new marksman?


    Am i your new marksman? Empty Am i your new marksman?

    Post by Regoon on Wed Oct 28, 2015 8:58 pm

    Q: Your character's name class, intended end game build and your current level?

    A: I am playing a 60 hunter named regoon, my build is hard to get in here, as i see it a bit differently than most, i will play the spec needed for my team, to work as a solid core. which means i will be swapping spec depending on what we will need at the given time.

    Q: Your real age and primary geographic location?

    A: My name is Jesper, i come from denmark(small country in Europe) and i am 24 years old

    Q: Your Wow experience and your MMORPG experience?

    A: wow good question, i have been playing world of warcraft on and off for 7 years(allmost 1½ year of online time). in vanilla and tbc, i was just shit and cant be explained better:P but in wrath i took up raid leading for a small guild and in cata i took it to the next level, i started my own guild, called The High Bourne(eu guild) we managed to reach top 100 guild world wide during cata(firelands and dragon soul).

    in mist of pandaria, i decided to test myself in pvp as a leader, so we started doing rbgs and reached around 2k rating and decided to quit the game.

    after wow i joined a game called archeage, where i started my own guild again with prior friends from world of warcraft, we reached top 3 guild on the server as the largest pirate scumbags possible. the server ended up dying as people got everything stolen from the top 3 guilds(my guild disbanded to lootwhoring before the server died).

    as to world of warcraft pvp i have reached 2k+ rating on allmost 10 classes(mostly in 2s)

    Q: Your favorite drink?

    A: i dont drink, but occasinally smoke some flowers:P

    Q: What attracted you to guild

    A: i have been searching a bit earlier today for a guild as i was close to reaching 60 after 11 days(not online time, just 11 days). Doobz responded to my request and explained everything about the guild and it sounds like an amazing group of people:)

    Q: Why do you feel you would be a good addition to our guild?

    A: well, i have a shit ton of time, making me very active. in real life i am chronic sick(never get healthy again), meaning i am not capeble of working, so focus my time on what i can do, gaming.

    i act by a simple sentence, treat others as u expect to be treated back. i want help with things, so i never get a second thought of helping others.

    loot is not something i persue, in my opinion it is a benefit of working as a team. i would like to join for the community

    when i choose a guild to stay in. i tend to stick around for a very long time

    Q:  Please include any references you have within our guild or persons from our guild who you have grouped with or otherwise know?

    A: Doobz, spent a few hours speaking with him in whisper, i would call us friends by now, lets hope he sees it the same way Razz

    Q: What is the proper power level for being awesome?

    A: i have no clue what that means XD

    if there is anything else you need to know or want to know about anything feel free to ask, very open minded and nothing is tabu when it comes to who i am and what i do with my life Smile

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    Am i your new marksman? Empty Re: Am i your new marksman?

    Post by Docken on Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:52 am

    Everything looks good sir please contact me in game for a guild invite Smile

    Am i your new marksman? Empty Re:am i your new marksman?

    Post by Regoon on Fri Oct 30, 2015 4:51 pm

    that sounds great. i would prefer if we could run a trial period on these terms, i enter your guild. join you in raids, but i will pass on everything until the trial period is over. so i can get to know if this is the perfect place(as i ofc am 99% sure is) and so you guys can get to know me and see if i am still a perfect fit.

    Best Regards Regoon

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    Am i your new marksman? Empty Re: Am i your new marksman?

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