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    Post by Tarakoora on Fri Jul 31, 2015 8:06 am

    1) Tarakoora, Resto Shaman whole way and into end game. Current level 56

    2) 30 Years old and residing in the NE US

    3) Played since Vanilla: Raided up to ZG as a rogue in Vanilla, up to BT (not full clear) in BC as resto shaman and holy priest, raided all content non heroic on too many classes to remember in Wrath (mostly tank), raided all content up to firelands in Cata, 3 year break to avoid pandas, and some tank raiding in WoD. (minimal, just got too boring/easy)

    3) I enjoy a well balanced rum and coke. Mojito when I'm feeling fancy.

    4) I was browsing the forums and came across your post and the no drama while keeping rather organized with a sense of laid back ease attracted me to apply.

    5) Surprisingly I still retain a lot of my knowledge from vanilla. Pulls and strats mostly from 60 5mans and 10 mans. I am used to making the best of situations and adapting to makeups. (I kited drek for our guild in vanilla as a combat rogue) Overall I'm an easy guy to get along with and love spending my blue bar to make red bars happy.

    6) I've not had the pleasure of grouping with anyone with your guild tag yet.

    Hope to hear back soon! Smile

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    Resto Shaman Empty Re: Resto Shaman

    Post by Docken on Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:24 am

    You sound like a great fit for our guild I'll do my best to get in contact with you in game as soon as I can. You can also see Bozbeeb or Daaman. Please just reference your application to them and that Docken felt you were a good fit for us. Thanks !

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