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    Post by Intubate on Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:58 am

    Name: Intubate
    Class: Priest
    Spec: Shadow, but willing to heal.

    1. Current or most recent guild and reason for leaving: Was in Clan Thunder, but too many epeen driven kids made me miserable.
    2. Why do you want to join Team Blackout? Looking for a near-future raid that has experienced members and is relatively free of drama.
    3. What do you have to offer Team Blackout? Experience with 1.12.1 WoW from MC through 4 bosses in Naxx.
    4. Do you know or have you grouped/raided with anyone in Team Blackout? A few people I've grouped with.
    5. Raid experience: MC through 4 bosses in Naxx.
    6. Current content raid experience with this character: None
    7. What consumables would you bring to a 4 hour raid, and how many of each?
    For a raid I run with a full bag of mana-pots, nightfin soup x2 stacks, Greater Sagefish food x2 stacks, 2 stacks of a combination of dark runes a demonic runes. Ideally a stack of night dragon's breath too. Flasks and Elixirs as for spellpower or mana regen.

    8. What are your two primary professions? Why did you choose these two? Alchemy/Herbalism – to be a self sustaining priest.
    9. What rare recipes do you have? None, but will be farming them.

    10. Do you have time to farm the necessary consumables and repair money? Yes
    11. Do you have a stable internet connection? I have KT internet, the best on Earth.
    12. Real Life Age: 42
    13. Real Life Location: South Korea, but I'm from Tucson, AZ.
    14. Favorite Drink? Scotch with a splash of soda lately, I also love beer but beer in Korea is terrible.

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