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    60 Rogue/ 57 HPriest


    60 Rogue/ 57 HPriest Empty 60 Rogue/ 57 HPriest

    Post by Porphyrias* on Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:51 pm

    Hi! I'm Porphyrias, lvl 60 combat/swords rogue. Have a lvl 57 HPriest alt as well (Torsades). Real name is Misha. I'm 30 and live in TX. I started playing Vanilla about 7 months ago - have been playing religiously since. Play a bit of retail for kicks. This is my first MMORPG. Favorite drink is coffee for sure.
    I've seen TeamB going to raids and I like that y'all are active and do things together. TB has a good reputation as well. The guild members that I've talked to are always super nice. I think I would get along well with everyone - I'm active and down to help anyone. *BigFelicia is a cool shaman - he thinks I'm kinda a big deal.
    *The proper power level for being awesome is 9000!!!
    Hope to hear from you! Thanks for reading Smile

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