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    Post by Jynxmazee on Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:46 pm

    - Your character's name class, intended end game build and your current level
    Jynxmazee, I'm level 60 markman.

    - Your real age and primary geographic location
    25 Montreal, Qc, Canada

    - Your Wow experience and your MMORPG experience
    I raided in vanilla and TBC, I used to be in top tier guild in NA (MC, BWL, AQ40, Naxx, SSC, TK, BT, Hyjal and Sunwell),

    - Your favorite drink

    - What attracted you to guild
    You have a solid core of friend who plays together(less drama), the timezone and also you expect people to give their best  in raids.

    - Why you feel you would be a good addition to our guild
    I have a great raid experience, I'm always prepared for raid(pots, repaired etc.)

    - Please include any references you have within our guild or persons from our guild who you have grouped with or otherwise know

    - What is the proper power level for being awesome?
    I'd say 150 million to turn super saiyan.

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    Post by Drakbak on Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:11 pm

    Hi Jynx,

    I'm Drakbak, the hunter class lead. Please contact me in-game to further discuss this app.


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