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    Post by Toxsyn. on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:47 am

    - Your character's name class, intended end game build and your current level

    Toxsyn / 60 Priest / Holy-Disc

    - Your real age and primary geographic location

    33 - D.C. Metro area

    - Your Wow experience and your MMORPG experience

    I raided vanilla WoW as a priest, clearing MC/Ony/BWL/AQ40/Naxx40 (guilds available upon request, I won't name drop here).  I raided all of TBC content (up to M'uru, which destroyed the guild I was in), and I was the MT for all of WOTLK (and clearing all content, including 25m Heroic LK pre-nerfs).  Cataclysm was the start of my ceasing to play WoW.  I raided the entire expansion, but didn't like it.  MoP I didn't raid at all, and WoD...LOL.

    I played Rift when it had first come out, and had raided briefly for the first bit of raid content.  Wasn't a fan.

    I played SWTOR when it first came out, and PvP'd quite a lot with my cousin (hutt ball on a Jugg is arguably one of the best PvP experiences I've had).

    I had no idea private servers existed, and a long time friend I played with in vanilla put me on to it.  I've spent the past couple weeks leveling and getting some gear / quests done, and am loving it.  I wish this were available for retail WoW, but I don't mind not having a subscription fee.

    - Your favorite drink


    - What attracted you to guild

    Your policy against racism, etc.  I have to enjoy the environment I'm in in order to like being a part of a guild, and this is a big thing that rubs me the wrong way.  My language and behavior is by no means PG (or even R Razz), but some things are just not needed imo.

    - Why you feel you would be a good addition to our guild

    I've done every inch of content in vanilla on a priest, including all of AQ40 and Naxx 40. I know my stuff.

    My gear is, for the most part, solid pre-raiding gear.

    I should say I am not attuned for any raids yet - but that's not from a lack of trying.  I'm on the last quest of the Onyxia chain (General), and can kill 2 birds with one stone if I could get my hands on the letter for BWL attunement.  I spent 10 minutes in BRD with a pug and wanted to shoot myself, so I have not been able to get attuned to MC yet.

    - Please include any references you have within our guild or persons from our guild who you have grouped with or otherwise know

    I don't believe I've grouped with anyone (I actually don't recall ever seeing the guild tag).

    - What is the proper power level for being awesome?

    No clue Razz

    (I created a login with my name "Toxsyn" prior to posting this)

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    Holy Priest Empty Re: Holy Priest

    Post by Docken on Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:25 am

    Great man ! I have out priest class lead get ahold of you (bowles, or you can whisper him in game). To discuss our available priest spots. Thanks !

    Holy Priest Empty Re: Holy Priest

    Post by Toxsyn. on Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:22 am

    I'll be around 5pm EST when I get home from work this evening. I'll whisper him then if he's around, and I'll throw him on my friends list if not.

    Looking forward to chatting! Smile

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