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    DPS Warrior and Resto Shaman Empty DPS Warrior and Resto Shaman

    Post by Nigbacca on Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:58 pm

    Hey there, this is a joint application for myself (Nigbacca - DPS warrior) and my real life friend/ former raiding guildmate (Nazun - Resto shaman).  We're both relatively fresh level 60s, but working on our BiS blue sets, and are both ready for MC. We are both attuned to MC/ Ony/ BWL.

    About us personally: The both of us grew up in the same town (Home of Yuengling Beer) in Northeastern PA (US) and played wow in high school and into college. We raided as our current classes through almost all of the vanilla endgame content as well as TBC/ WotLK. Since wrath, we've only played WoW on and off until we began on Nostalrius. Both of us are graduated from college (Engineer and Graphic Designer) and work full time 9-5 jobs, but are available to raid most nights. Neither of us have kids currently.

    Right now, we're looking for a proficient, drama free group that knows what they're doing, and gets things done during raid times. Obviously we don't mind chatting in TS/ Vent, but have gotten a bit annoyed with other guilds on this server who don't have any focus, and continually turn their raids into wipefests. It seems like Team Blackout shares this view in avoiding this kind of scenario, and we're looking to help the team clear BWL into AQ/ Naxx eventually.

    I'm currently spec'd arms because I was doing some PVPing, and I haven't hit the offhand/yellow attack hit cap, but  I'm pretty close, and can switch to fury spec as soon as it's necessary. Nazun is full resto, and ready to go (can prob use a few more blues, but it shouldn't be a problem).  

    For the questions posted by Docken:

    Nigbacca (Phil) - 60 warrior -  DPS: arms/ dual wield fury/ 2h fury, are all acceptable based on guild needs

    27 - North Central PA (Williamsport Area)

    Gin and Tonic for mixed, but prefer beer from Troegs/Lancaster Brewing Co/ Old Forge Brewing

    Attracted to guild: Former pvp guild mate, Parcower, joined and said the MC run was fast, and bullshit free with a good group which is exactly what we're looking for.

    Proper level for being awesome: I guess you can be awesome at any level, but questing/ leveling blows, so I'm going with 60.

    Nazun (Justin) - 60 Shaman - Resto

    28 - Reading, PA Area

    Similar taste in beer, likes wine too.

    Attracted to guild: Same as above.

    idk about his take on which level is awesome.

    Anyways guys, thanks for reading. I spoke with Miser online today around noon, and he said to be on for tonight's raid to hopefully get a tryout. I think you guys will be happy with our performance, even if we're not topping the DPS/ Healing meters on the first night, we're both competent, experienced and mature players who will absolutely help Team Blackout make a serious push through BWL/ AQ40/ Naxx. We both hope to hear back soon!

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