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    Post by Enh on Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:28 pm

    For more flavor in formatting and explanations please see Tacolette's application as she is a more entertaining linguist than I. Thank you. But here are the details you requested.

    - Your character's name class, intended end game build and your current level

    Enhigen, Shaman, currently 20/31/0 but may move a few points around, freshly level 60

    - Your real age and primary geographic location

    30 in Michigan USA

    - Your Wow experience and your MMORPG experience

    Played WoW from ~3 months after release until a week before Cata. I raided in vanilla as a rogue in MC, 2 bosses in BWL, Ony, ZG, 3 or 4 bosses in AQ20, and 2 World Dragons. In BC I switched to an Enhancement Shammy named Enh and raided, Kara, Mag once, Gruul once. We didn't get into a big raiding guild durning BC like we had in vanilla. In Wrath cleared 10 man Naxx, a couple wings maybe in 25 man Naxx, and PUGed some ICC. I have also done a lot of PVP in all it's various forms over the years. I've also played Aion, still play rift from time to time although lately just do dailies, and various other MMORPGS since 1996.

    - Your favorite drink

    I drink coffee like an alcoholic if coffee was alcoholic, but in actual alcoholic beverages, I enjoy a good flagon of mead. Skål!

    - What attracted you to guild

    Taco and I ran Sholo with Pratticus last night and his personality was very heart warming in contrast to many other people from guilds we've been in in the past, on and off this server. After talking to him for literally hours, and reading the information here on the forums, we decided this feels like it could be home.

    - Why you feel you would be a good addition to our guild

    Simply put, your description of your guild in the sticky of this sub-forum is an exact copy of my guild shopping list. That is to say, I think we want the same things out of our time in Azeroth.

    - Please include any references you have within our guild or persons from our guild who you have grouped with or otherwise know


    - What is the proper power level for being awesome?

    The proper power level for being awesome is clearly in extreme excess of 9000 and the gain subsequently turned up to 11.

    Thank you for your consideration and for reading but also sorry you had to read that,

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